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Explore our archives where you can delve into the various experiences. The archives range from cultural tours, gradings, seminars and much more.


Little Japan Seminar
Over the weekend of 8 and 9 September 2023, a number of students graded at the Hombu Dojo at the Little Japan Seminar. 

This group included 14 Free State. The seminar included gradings from Shodan all the way through to Sandan. 

Congratulations to all the students that participated and successfully graded. It was a weekend of hard work and showcased exceptional technique from upcountry students.
Italy Tour 2023 

The African Goju Kai Karate group of 238 people travelled on an adventure of a lifetime.

Our karate members took part in the European open tournament where we participated against more than 20 countries and came 2nd overall.

We stayed in a beautiful resort with a private beach where over 700 Goju Kai members and family members shared quality time together. Students trained with our President from Japan Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and both the European Head Ingo De Jong Hanshi and Africa Head Peter Brandon Hanshi as well as 12 country heads.

Our Goju Kai family experienced Puglia and Rome together. This tour reinforced just how special our Goju Kai family is.

Students from Western Province, Eastern Province, Eden, Free State, Gauteng, Border, Overberg and Namibia enjoyed a journey that was truly life-changing.

Goju Kai under the leadership of the Yamaguchi family continues to grow as the only true bloodline under Gogen Yamaguchi’s family

Punchathon Fundraiser at the Hombu Dojo June 2023 

Our Punchathon fundraiser was a day of fun for students, family and friends. The children came out with their tenacious spirit and we found the parents to have a wonderful competitive nature. 

Our punchathon was a resounding success and helped many of our underprivileged children from across South Africa. The funds raised are dedicated to Khayelitsha Dojo, Eastern Province Development Fund and East London Development Fund.

We would like to assist Clayton Tom Shihan from Eastern Province and Sensei Hiti & Sensei Mzi from Khayelitsha in their efforts to uplift their underprivileged communities. We thank these instructors for their selflessness and dedication towards the underprivileged Goju Kai family members. 

Winners of the day

Ages 6, 7, 8, 9                                                                                                   

Most punches: Finn Fergason & Saoirse Abrahams      

Spirit award: Cylis Moller                       

Highest donation: Razeen Ismail                                                            

Punching game won by Jason Bernado                                                  



Cadet, Senior & Above:

Punching game won by Ofure Omure-Kessi


Cylis Moller

Yellow Belt

Razeen Ismail

Blue Belt

Zara Scholtz

Brown Belt

Melle Zuidgeest

Brown Belt

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