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40 years of the Hombu Dojo

Welcome to Goju Kai Africa

Gogen Yamaguchi, our founder, and legend - born on 20th January 1909 in Kagoshima, Japan. He was a descendant of the Samurai and one of the most complex figures to ever grace the World Karate stage.


As the chosen successor by Master Miyagi in 1953, Gogen Yamaguchi set about uniting Goju as one organization, Gojukai. The martial arts fraternity in Japan bestowed upon him the honor of Grand Master, 10th Dan Hanshi and is therefore referred to as Kaiso, ‘Our Founder’.

Grading at the Hombu Dojo 2 December 2023

Congratulations to the following karateka who successfully graded on December 2 at the All Africa Hombu Dojo.

​Timur Beeka Shodan 

Khanyisa Swartbooi Shodan

Anga Mbuthisi Shodan 

Avela Mbuthisi Nidan
Nathan Ludlam Sandan

Luke Turner Sandan
Tina Manie Sandan
Elijah Botha Sandan
Mzimkhulu Mbuthisi Yondan 
Thando Swartbooi Yondan

The Hombu Dojo is proud

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Final Little Japan Seminar

A contingent of 9 Goju Kai members travelled from Border to attend the Chiisai Nippon seminar and grading hosted at the hombu dojo in Cape Town on the weekend from 10 to 11 November 2023. We were also accompanied by Mr Lange, Head of Department of Sport University of Fort Hare (Alice). The group was headed by Glenn Cunningham Shihan and Anél Cornelius Shihan. The seminar was hosted and presented by Peter Brandon Hanshi and Frank Brandon Shihan.

For most of the group, it was their first time visiting the hombu dojo and suffice to say they were in awe to say the least. The dojo, surroundings and training received created a truly palpable little Japan (Chiisai Nippon) atmosphere and experience. An interesting aspect of this group was that the grading candidates included all Dan levels from Shodan to Godan levels. This in itself was a catalyst in allowing coverage and focus on a wide range of our syllabus work. 

Grading day saw a fresh start to the day (ocean training), followed by some focused syllabus work towards standardisation and preparation for the grading. 

The following karateka graded succesfully:
•    Noah Honey - Shodan
•    Anele Gqumayo – Shodan
•    Anathi Mpetsheni – Nidan
•    Sanjay Naidoo – Nidan
•    Thobela Ntsonkota – Sandan
•    Ezrick Elbrecht – Yondan
•    Pierre Cornelius – Godan

Our seminar concluded with a fabulous feast at Mama Roma to celebrate. 

The trip offered many learning opportunities. It created an opportunity to foster and strengthen existing bonds of friendship. We have returned invigorated and excited to share the knowledge we have gained with our Border family. We are so proud of group of karateka and look forward to returning to Hombu dojo in future.

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Our Legacy
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What is to come?

Our Focus

Goju Kai assists individuals through primary, secondary and tertiary education. We focus on taking our students through the Karate program alongside academic education. This equation of knowledge successfully molds individuals to become the best versions of themselves and ensures success within society. 

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Non-profit Organisation

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Our partners - African Warriors of Light


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