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President + Chief Instructor - Peter Brandon Hanshi

Assistant Chief Instructor - Frank Brandon Shihan


The All Africa Karate - Do Goju Kai Hombu Dojo was opened in April 1982 by Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, son of karate legend Kaiso Gogen Yamaguchi (the Cat) and Peter Brandon Hanshi.

Serving as the Hombu Dojo for Goju Kai throughout Africa, it is also the Hombu Dojo for Goju Kai throughout South Africa and for Goju Kai in the Western Province of South Africa.

This dojo has produced more world champions than any other dojo in Africa and has seen over 200 black belts pass through its doors with one student, Shihan Trevor Norval, going on to become president of Goju Kai Namibia. Through his hard work and dedication he has produced outstanding students including Shihan Leonard Martin the current chief instructor for Namibia.

Built in 1903 the dojo is over 110 years old. It has had only two functions since it was originally built – It began as the first Hindu Temple in Cape Town before being sold to Goju Kai and Peter Brandon Hanshi because of the apartheid system and group areas act. Little did the government know, Goju Kai was teaching in the townships from 1968 and that Peter Brandon Hanshi was secretly teaching South Africans of all colours and creeds.


Peter Brandon Hanshi, 8th Dan, is assisted by his son Frank Brandon Shihan, 7th Dan in teaching 120 students from the ages 4 to 60 years old. The feeder system in the organization is amazing: white belts train together, once they have passed they join the yellow, orange, green and blue belts. After grading to purple they begin training with brown belts. Once they have graduated to Shodan (black belt) in Japan they train in the Shodan class. After this, the Nidan (2nd Dan) and above train together.

The Hombu Dojo has 5 generations of karateka that remain loyal Goju Kai members.

The Hombu Dojo hosts students from all over the world as well as students from every province throughout South Africa. These seminars are called Chissai Nippon - Little Japan Seminars. 

Students are taught traditional Goju Kai Karate in its purest form ensuring that our ancient traditions and art is preserved and therefore passed down to all junior students throughout the African block. 

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