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Masters Seminar & Grading

Second All Africa Masters seminar - All 5th Dan and Shihan members will gather at the All Africa Karate Do Goju Kai dojo in Cape Town to train and spend quality time together to reinforce and strengthen our organisation throughout the continent of Africa. If our Shihans' are strong and united, our very large Goju Kai family in Africa will be too.

Masters Seminars are vital in order for all Masters to train together and thus create a bond and understanding to lead with the same ideals and goals to grow Goju Kai in order to strengthen our spirit.

Warrior week reunion 1st September. The day leading into the 2nd All Africa Masters Seminar. All warriors will spend time training during Friday evening and participate in the famous ocean meditation and training of the early hours of Friday morning.

All masters please ensure your place in the masters seminar. Contact Kaylene at

The All Africa Karate-do Goju Kai Hombu Dojo hosted a grading and seminar at the 1st ever All Africa Masters seminar for 5 Shihan attempting Rokudan and 5 Shihan attempting  Nanadan.

This grading took place on the 12th of March and was headed up by Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and Peter Brandon Hanshi.

The grading was held on Saturday 12 March at 5pm Japanese time.


Shihans Attended


Trevor Norval | Jonny Cardosa | Glen Cunningham | Anton Roux | Frank Brandon | Craig Kansley | Leonard Martin | Francious Du Plessis | Anton Dorman | Phil Parvus | Danie Rossouw | Gary Le Grange | Sue Kaplan | Sonny Kirsten | Glenn Foo | Sean Ahmed | Louie Kritzinger

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