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Cultural Exchanges

Italy 2023
Italy 2023

The African Goju Kai Karate group of 238 people traveled on a adventure of a lifetime.

Our karate members took part in the European open tournament where we participated against more than 20 countries and came 2nd overall. We stayed in a beautiful resort with a private beach where over 700 Goju Kai members and family members shared quality time together.

Students trained with our President from Japan Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and  both the European Head Ingo De Jong Hanshi and Africa Head Peter Brandon Hanshi as well as 12 country heads. Our Goju Kai family experienced Puglia and Rome together. This tour reinforced just you special our Goju Kai family is.
Students from Western Province,Eastern Province,Eden, Free State,Gauteng,Border,Overberg and Namibia enjoyed a journey that was truly life changing.

Goju Kai under the leadership of the Yamaguchi family continues to grow as the only true bloodline under Gogen Yamaguchi’s family

Belgium 2022
Belgium 14 - 24 July 2022

Belgium Tour 2022 14-23 July 

This tour was a great success with 28 of our South African members travelling to attend the 35th International karate do Goju Kai European Camp hosted by Belgium and organised by Joachim van Opstal Shihan who made a sterling effort in bringing our African and European Goju Kai family together for training under Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi (Son of our founder Gogen Yamaguchi  Kaiso) , Ingo de Jong Hanshi and Peter Brandon Hanshi.
Saiko shihan was teaching on a big screen via zoom as the management of I.K.G.A. was not prepared to take a chance of Saiko Shihan travelling because of covid.

All members trained incredibly hard and a grading was attended by members grading up to Rokudan 6th Dan.
Friendships formed because of the hard work of Saiko Shihan now 80 years of age and the loyal Continental Directors appointed nearly 40 years ago by Gogen Yamaguchi himself was incredibly special to witness.
Gogen Kaiso would have been enormously proud of the loyalty of his son and the two Directors from Africa and Europe that still work everyday as the only true organisation that functions under Gogen Yamaguchi’s last will and testament.

Ingo de Jong Hanshi and Peter Brandon Hanshi continues working under Gogen Kaiso’s direct bloodline of sons and grandson.

Exchange trip to Switzerland (2021)
Switzerland 2021

We received an invitation in 2019 from the head of Switzerland Goju Kai, Horst Baumgartel Shihan to visit Switzerland but due to the Covid pandemic, we have been struggling to realise this tour. However, we never gave up on this once in a lifetime experience and had finally been given the green light to travel from 7 to 15 October 2021.

All students from different backgrounds will share this experience and benefit from this humanitarian journey. 


Students and parents were exposed to fun-filled tours, meeting new friends within Swiss Goju Kai, participate in open-air karate demonstrations in the local town square and as ambassadors of South Africa, we visited the parliament house in Bern. 


This tour was aimed at opening the hearts of our members by them understanding that kindness and tolerance of all people is key to the growth of the human spirit and is vital towards being a person that can contribute positively to the world. 

This tour is an African Warriors Of Light initiative. African Warriors Of Light, Goju Kai’s official NPO assists our less fortunate students to realise their dreams through travel. 

The group consisted of the following officials: 

Frank Brandon Shihan 

Craig Kansley Shihan 

Rob Dekenah Sensei 

Sean Ahmed Sensei 

Geoff Staz Sensei 

In front of  the Parliament building 2.jpg
Parliament building .jpg
Italy 2017
Previous exchange trip to Venice in Italy (2017)

Frank Brandon Shihan getting an award from the government of Venice for his contribution to the upliftment of youth through the art of Goju Kai Karate.

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