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Provincial Head

Louis Kritzinger Shihan

   Free State

1. Bushido Dojo

Dan Pienaar, Bloemfontein


Instructors at Bushido:


· Louis Kritzinger Shihan

· Hein Kleynhans Sensei

· Gaps Coetzee Sensei

· Francois Coetzee Sensei

· Joseph Mokhoro Sensei

· Gertie Nel Senpai

· Armand Meyer Senpai

· Herman Veitch Senpai


Bushido dojo has 32 students.

2. Seishin Dojo

Engo child and youth centre

Victoria Road, Bloemfontein


Instructors at Seishin:


· Louis Kritzinger Shihan

· Joseph Mokhoro Sensei

· Francois Coetzee Sensei


Seishin dojo has 25 students.


3. Kruitberg Dojo

Urquhart St Hilton



Instructors at Kruitberg:


· Joseph Mokhoro Sensei

· Herman Veitch Senpai


Kruitberg dojo has 55 students.


4. Saints Dojo

Du Plooy Cres

Martie Du Plessis School, Bloemfontein


Instructors at Saints:


· Danie Rossouw Shihan

· Jacques Venter Senpai


Saints dojo has 15 students.


5. Zastron Dojo

Mathey Street

Town Hall, Zastron


Instructors at Zastron:


· Benjamin Mama Sensei

· Mandilakhe Mbali


Zastron dojo has 11 students.

Overall the Free State has

· 104 Kuy grades

· 20 Shodans

· 7 Nidans

· 3 Sandans

· 2 Jondans

· 1 Godan

· 1 Rokodan

Shihan Grading

Danie Rossouw Shihan Graded to Rokodan in 2022.


Underprivileged and development

Free State GoJuKai has 2 Development Dojo’s, Kruitberg dojo and Zastron dojo. Seishin dojo has a number of students from Engo orphanage that are fully sponsored by Free State GoJuKai.


Sensei Joseph Mokhoro also has a new program in the pipeline form 2024.


I think what makes Free State so special is that we do not distinguish between dojos. Every dojo and every student is treated and regarded equally and treated as family. We build a strong leadership by leading by example through training as well as in our personal life. By following the way of the warrior (Bushido).


What makes Free State GoJuKai Unique and Special


Free State GoJuKai takes part in numerous events through the year. Local, national and international competitions and seminars. WKF events, KSA events, FSKF events GoJukai provincial, GoJuKai National and International events.

Some events during 2023


We had students in the protea team representing KSA.

21 Students and parents travelled to Italy in 2023 to take part in the European championship and seminar and the Free State won 5 medals at the European championship.


Free State in Cape Town 

Free State in Italy 

FSKF Champs

Kruitberg Grading 

Goju Kai Champs

Senior Winter Training Camp

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