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TAKI RENSHU (Waterfall Training)

During a trip to Japan in 1999, Frank Brandon Shihan received an invitation from Masatoshi Yamaguchi Shihan to attend Taki Renshu (Waterfall Training) in Japan. Frank Shihan had approached Masatoshi Shihan several times over the years for an opportunity to experience this sacred practice which was handed down to Masatoshi Shihan by Kaiso Gogen “The Cat” Yamaguchi.

Very few receive this opportunity which is by special invitation only, so when the invitation finally arrived Frank Shihan didn’t hesitate to accept. The invitation was extended to Craig Kansley Shihan.

Frank Shihan & Craig Shihan travelled to Japan and received the gift of Taki Renshu from Masatoshi Shihan in  January 2000 in the heart of the Japanese Winter. The first part of the training lasted 21 days, ending on 4 February.

Frank Shihan returned the following year to complete the 2nd part of the training, lasting another 21 days in a winter that had taken Japan by surprise with record snowfall levels and temperatures falling  to as low as -10° Celsius.

On returning from Japan, Frank Shihan passed on the knowledge gained in the 2nd trip to Craig Shihan by training for 21 days during winter under the waterfall in Newlands forest.


The gift of Taki Renshu forms a sacred part of the spiritual journey of those that receive it and seeks to strengthen mind & spirit in conditions that would ordinarily be considered unlivable,  to realize what is possible by reaching for the impossible.

To this day, all Hombu dojo instructors gather every Friday morning at 5am for ocean training to uphold tradition and to continuously foster the renewal of spirit.

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