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Warrior Week Japan

Upcoming Warrior Week:

We are working towards an official warrior week that will be held in Cape Town during Winter at the end of July 2024 in Cape Town.
During this period a select group of senior warriors will be taught the traditional way of taki renshu (waterfall training) and train privately at the Hombu dojo.

All warriors will stay together and train.

Dates and times to be decided.

This will be the official 3rd warrior week.

Waterfall Training in Cecelia Forest 

A new intake of Sandan and above put forward by current warriors with dojos will be given the opportunity to to try out during this third warrior week in Cape Town.
Those who make it will be invited to travel with the senior warriors to train and possibly attain their warrior status and jacket.

Warrior week was created in order to preserve the true art of Budo within Goju Kai by putting our top senior karateka through some of the toughest and most gruelling training under the best Japanese Masters thus creating an understanding and ethos that will be filtered down to our junior students through our senior instructors.
This event started in 2017 and the second warrior week was held in 2019.

The next Warrior Week will be held in July 2024 in the Cecilia Forest in Newlands, Cape Town where the warriors will be introduced to traditional waterfall training.

During this time, a new influx of warriors will be invited and will go through an initiation in order to establish themselves as a member of this elite group. 

This initiation will be a true test to maintain the quality of this prestigious group. Not all will make it through.

Warriors Reunion and Shihan Seminar 21 September 

Warriors gather to reconnect and train with true budo spirit continuing their quest to preserve our ancient traditions 


The warriors took part in dojo training, cold water meditation and celebrated their unity by attending a reunion dinner. 

The following warriors were unable to attend: Leonard Martin (Namibia), Rob Dekkenah (UK), Ivan Leventhol (UK), James Lehman (Scotland), Andre Van Dyk (SA). 

Shihan Seminar:

Four new 5th dans graded: Xolisile Hiti, Franco Botha, Buffy mae Klesser and Quito Du Pree

Two new 6th dans graded: Hans Haasbroek jnr and Siyabonga Ntlama

One 7th Dan graded: Hans Haasbroek Snr 


All karateka were graded at the Hombu Dojo. Present was Peter Brandon Hanshi and Saiko Shihan Yamaguchi joined the panel via zoom from Japan.

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It is our quest to preserve the true art of Budo within Goju Kai Karate
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Warrior Week Instructor
Masatoshi Yamaguchi 8th Dan 
Warrior Week Assistant Instructor
Frank Brandon Shihan 7th Dan
Under the guidance of our International President, Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, and our African President, Peter Brandon Hanshi
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